The night Anthony Young’s streak ended

Anthony Young lost a major league record 27 games in a row over two seasons. I honestly can't remember any one of those losses. But I do remember the night his streak ended in 1993. Even though I spent a majority of that summer in Florida, the Mets were still the priority for 10-year-old me. … Continue reading The night Anthony Young’s streak ended

Remembering Mets Brawls

Since it's the 4th of July, it's only fitting to look back at past Mets brawls, where on-field fireworks and timeless memories were created. This list does not include notable Mets vs. the Media altercations, which have their own set of fireworks! The 1986 Mets It's well-documented the '86 Mets were rock stars on and … Continue reading Remembering Mets Brawls

The Night Doc Gooden Went All The Way and Loss

Since July 1 marks Bobby Bonilla Day, it’s only appropriate to look back at the first time I ever saw the Amazin’s away from Shea Stadium. A game where Bobby Bonilla went hitless, Doc Gooden went the distance and the Mets loss. Again. On July 1, 1993, I saw the Mets take on the expansion … Continue reading The Night Doc Gooden Went All The Way and Loss