The night Anthony Young’s streak ended

Anthony Young Mets

Anthony Young lost a major league record 27 games in a row over two seasons. I honestly can’t remember any one of those losses. But I do remember the night his streak ended in 1993.

Even though I spent a majority of that summer in Florida, the Mets were still the priority for 10-year-old me. I remember begging to go to the Mets-Marlins game at Joe Robbie Stadium. Boy, was it cool seeing Doc Gooden and the team on the road for the first-time ever at the start of that vacation.

So, it was no surprise that I spent the evening of July 28 watching the Marlins broadcast of the Mets-Marlins game at Shea Stadium. The added bonus was hearing Gary Carter color commentate for the Marlins. Mind blown!

When Eddy Murray came up to bat, I knew this game was over. I just had a feeling. And when Ryan Thompson rounded third to head for home – one of his few highlights as a Met – I was jumping around the living room as if I was part of the team. The clip below captures the game-ending sequence.

What I appreciate most is seeing the joy in Anthony Young’s face and seeing his teammates mob him, knowing the streak finally ended.

What’s your favorite Anthony Young memory?

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