The Night Coco Crisp Robbed David Wright at Fenway

The New York Mets 2006 season was memorable for a million and one reasons. The loss vs. the Boston Red Sox on June 29 doesn’t typically register when thinking about that season, but it does for me because I had a front row seat for one of the greatest catches I ever saw in person.

Red Sox vs. Mets: The Setup

This three-game series in late June had a lot of juice heading into it. For starters, Pedro made his big return to Boston. And both teams were in first-place, simply dominating their respective divisions (The Mets were 11.5 games up at this point in the season). In many ways it felt like a preview of what the 2006 World Series would be. Ironically, neither team would make it that far.

Heading into the finale, the Mets were avoiding the sweep. The game had a marquee pitching match-up with Curt Schilling opposing Massachusetts southpaw Tom Glavine. And it lived up to the billing, though Glavine only lasted five, mainly driven by a high pitch count.

From ‘The Stretch’

I was in the second row or third row of the Fenway bleachers with a prime view of centerfield and the Red Sox bullpen.

With the Mets trailing by one and Carlos Beltran on first with two outs in the top of the 8th, David Wright hit a line-drive shot to left center. I remember standing up and tapping the shoulders of my Red Sox friends in attendance, confident that Wright’s shot was going into the gap.

And then Coco Crisp turned into Superman. And all I could do was stand in there in awe.

  • Coco Crisp
  • Mets vs. Red Sox
  • Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox

The Outcome

After the catch, the Red Sox tacked on an insurance run against Duaner Sanchez. The Mets would lose the game 4-2 and be swept in Boston.

Click here for the full boxscore.

What is the greatest catch you ever saw in person?

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