The night Tim Tebow overshadowed Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil

Yes, you read the headline correctly. And yes, hindsight is always 20/20. Let this be a lesson that you never know who you’re going to see at a minor league game. In this case, it was Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil.

Jen and I went to see the Hartford Yard Goats (Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies) take on the Binghamton Rumble Ponies last year. Aside from checking out the baby Mets, the main purpose of going to this game was to get a glimpse of Tim Tebow in action.

In retrospect, as the photo of the line-up shows, the focus really should have been on Pete Alonso – the Polar Bear, formerly known as Peter Alonso – and Jeff McNeil. Daniel Zamora was also on the roster this evening. Knowing what I know now, I shake my head in shame for not paying attention to the offensive lynchpins of the current roster.

Pete, Jeff, Daniel…if you ever read this, I am sorry for not paying attention!

For what it’s worth, I did take notice of the Polar Bear at bat because of his size and “look” in the box. That said, I couldn’t tell you how he performed that night or how McNeil did either. Heck, I don’t even recall how Tebow did, but as the photo below shows, he did make contact!

Tim Tebow at Bat

The Highlight of the Night

Ironically, what was most memorable on this evening was meeting Terry Collins, who was in the stands scouting the team. I owe a great deal to our friend JC for arranging the opportunity, since I was too shy to approach TC between innings. I’ll have to share that story in a future blog post! Lastly, a cheap plug, but if you’re ever in the Hartford, Conn., area, I would highly recommend checking out Dunkin’ Donuts Park. It’s a great stadium.

Have You Ever…

Have you ever been to a minor league game where you totally missed paying attention to a future major league star? If so, who?

Until next time…

Hartford Yard Goats
Ticket stub from the Hartford Yard Goats game where future Mets players were on the field.

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