Meet the Mets: First Time, Long Time

Since this is my first post on The 5-4-3, it’s only appropriate to start with memories of my first game at Shea. Mets vs. Dodgers, June 1, 1988.

I went to this evening game with my grandfather. I was excited and anxious as it rained on the way down to the stadium. The fear of having the game postponed was on my mind, but I was equally excited about the opportunity to see Keith and Darryl in person.

I remember walking up the concrete ramps at Shea to our seats in the “green” Mezzanine section. As a five-year-old, it felt like an eternity chugging up those ramps. But, when we finally walked through the tunnel to our seats, I was simply in awe. Thinking of that moment today, I can still smell the hot dogs being carried in metal tins by vendors. I can still see the hazy fog from the rain and wind. I also can still hear the usher thanking my grandfather for the tip after wiping down our wet seats.

The starting Mets pitcher that night was Sid Fernandez. I can still vividly remember him warming up to the Hawaii Five-O theme song. Unfortunately, that’s the only game activity I remember from this contest. That’s a shame because apparently it got heated that night! That said, the combination of on-and-off heavy rain and it being a school night, ensured there would be no seventh-inning stretch for me on this night. It didn’t help that first pitch was wayyyy past my bedtime either.

In the end it didn’t matter that we left early or that I have zero recollection of who scored when. What does matter is the lasting impact the sights and sounds had on me.

So I ask, do you remember your first Mets game?

The Bottom Line

  • Dodgers 4, Mets 3 (Courtesy of Baseball Reference)
  • Losing pitcher: Sid Fernandez
  • Notable memory: Tie between hearing Hawaii Five-O Theme Song during Fernandez’s warm-up and having my first “water dog” at Shea Stadium.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Mets: First Time, Long Time

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