The Night Johan Santana Tossed a No-Hitter

To quote Ron Burgundy, “I love scotch.” I also have a reputation for being frugal. Both facts are central to my memory of Johan Santana pitching the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. Moments after Johan Santana tossed the first no-hitter in NY Mets history. It's one of my favorite photos of all time. … Continue reading The Night Johan Santana Tossed a No-Hitter

The Night Thor and Terry Got ’86’ed

Chase Utley has a way of ruining things. May 28, 2016, should have been remembered for the festivities commemorating the 30th anniversary of the ’86 Mets championship team. Instead, this unseasonably hot and muggy, Saturday evening is remembered - fondly by the loved ones in attendance with me - as the night I absolutely lost … Continue reading The Night Thor and Terry Got ’86’ed

It’s a Piazza Party!

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the Mets trade for Hall-of-Famer Mike Piazza (cheers!). While the debate between Keith in '83, Carter in '85 and Cespedes in '15 would be an entertaining one, I believe the Piazza acquisition had the biggest impact on the franchise because of his sustained offensive prowess, flair for the dramatic … Continue reading It’s a Piazza Party!

Meet the Mets: First Time, Long Time

Since this is my first post on The 5-4-3, it's only appropriate to start with memories of my first game at Shea. Mets vs. Dodgers, June 1, 1988. I went to this evening game with my grandfather. I was excited and anxious as it rained on the way down to the stadium. The fear of … Continue reading Meet the Mets: First Time, Long Time